Our awesome team comprises a multitude of skills and talents. One thing in common is that they are all skilled in making sure they give you a great customer experience.

  • Grant Ashworth Director

    Grant is the Boss, Big Chief, Don Corleone – He loves to squeeze his favourite stress ball when the pressure is on – although he loves to cycle in his spare time, he much prefers to simulate this whilst at work to ensure the cogs keep turning.

    When free, Grant has a good passion for food & wine and claims he was awarded a Blue Peter badge to which he still sports on his lapel of his favourite jacket.

    Grant was not once, twice BUT three times held up at gunpoint, that explains why he get’s so jumpy when we creep up on him 🙂 Grant clearly has a passion for the work that U Name It produces and seriously loves his staffs that are hard working individuals.

    If Grant were to win the lottery he would change his telephone number…why? We ask.

    If Grant was to recommend a product for you, it would be a stress toy, the possibilities are endless, shapes, size, feel and of course a very good STRESS reliever!

  • Damien Davinson National Accounts Manager

    If Damien were to recommend you the perfect product, it would be a compressed t-shirt, why? Great branding area’s, great tool for direct mail marketing as well as giveaways – comes in many shapes to expand on your message and everyone likes a good t shirt to wear.

    Damien’s favorite hobby is work, and spends most of his time cooking, cleaning and general DIY whilst keeping his two young children busy, Loves his wife and wants to marry her again when she stops moaning.

    Damien’s invention would be magic dust, simply works everywhere and anywhere.

    Although Damien loves to exercise, he also loves to burn calories with wine and good tasty food.

    If he won the lottery, he wouldn’t tell anyone, but realizes that someone might guess when he becomes very lacklustre, fat and always on holiday.

    Damien’s attribute to his daily work routine is experience he oozes it.

    Damien claims he once met “flipper” the Dolphin.

  • Ian Glass National Accounts Manager

    Ian’s favourite product ever is a credit card power charger!

    Ian loves socialising with family & friends sharing a good meal & bottle of wine, however his favourite food is Thai curry to which goes well with a beer or two or three…We don’t think Ian is so sociable when it comes to his favourite food & drink!

    Ian likes to cycle and was once an amateur boxer! He claims he has a signed photo of AP McCoy winning the Grand National after an afternoon of Thai curry and beer…with AP McCoy??

    Ian would love to invent a pill to keep you young forever, BUT let’s just say that won’t happen, at least this will protect you from the elements with his perfect item… that would be a high quality golf umbrella!

    Ian loves communicating with people and loves sourcing products to the fit the customer’s requirement.

    If Ian won the lottery he would invest in a very large bottle of champagne and invite everyone to an equally very large Party.

  • Picture of Stewart Huckett

    Stewart Huckett Regional Sales Director

    Stewart has been in our industry for 20 years having founded and run his own business and now is a part of our team and brings his wealth of experience with him. He is a real team player whose high profile early career selling top brands such as Pepsi and Tango into Tesco means he is highly organised and ready for the challenge to source the perfect gifts for you.

    Like Joe he has encyclopaedic knowledge of manufacturers and the items that they produce and has worked with top brands, SMEs and local businesses supplying stock and bespoke items from around the world and prides himself in identifying the right products for his clients needs.

    He is a very happy, energetic person who loves sport….gymnastics, athletics, squash to top level and now the passion is golf, which he thoroughly enjoys when he can. A lotto win would allow his handicap to go down rather than up!

    Other than curry his favourite foods are Spanish omelette, stew and dumplings, sabion, French pastries and cheese, all washed down with a good wine and the occasional ale!

  • Joe Shields National Sales Account Manager

    Joe has created winning premium ideas for the largest brands in the World at some of the biggest agencies in our business and brings a huge amount of knowledge and experience to add to the team.

    While he may have a few notches in (or is that let out of) the promotional merchandise belt , his real wish though, is to one day own that ranch in Colorado and ride to work, jangling his spurs on a one – horse powered beauty called Trigger, not Insignia.

    Joe loves football, renovating old furniture, flamenco guitar and especially watching wildlife. All of the time he is thinking about the next big item. Ok, alright, yes and Joe likes food and drink..

    Pies are his favourite stress release with the football, as well as polishing off a nice (crystal) glass or two of single malt whisky after refurbishing a captain’s chair, a lovely rioja de-corked not twist off and as much refreshment as he can get in any manner of picnic hampers while out watching the birdies…)

  • Rachel Broadley Sales Co-coordinator & Office Manager

    Rachel loves chocolate & vodka, lime & lemonade (yes, in that order)

    If Rachel was to recommend a product for you, it would be a speaker (amplifier) for your phone – we know this because she is told many times to turn hers down whilst listening to Robbie Williams!

    Rachel’s best attribute in her daily work routine is to keep everyone happy & smiling…yes we do like to laugh at you trying to sing Robbie William songs…

    Rachel’s invention would be more time…how much time do you want Rachel 🙂

    The perfect item that Rachel would give to anyone, would be chocolate, this makes everyone happy – Let’s consider the order that Rachel eats hers and yes we may agree that the Vodka, lime & lemonade part will be the decider on that one.

    If Rachel won the lottery, she would scream through her mobile phone Amplifier! Amongst the love for chocolate, Rachel loves to spend time with her boys. (That includes Robbie Williams!)

  • Daska Wilson Sales Co-coordinator & Production Manager

    Daska would love to meet Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Stephen Fry, Judi Dench & Joanna Lumley to name a few, which leads us to question her age…is she truly 29?

    If Daska could invent the perfect product it would be “that feeling you get when you first fall in love (fingers down throat time) but isn’t that lovely 🙂

    Daska clearly has mother Theresa instincts, her perfect product would be “eternal health” – well let us know when your nearly there, because unlike you, some of us are getting on a bit!

    She loves to cook, bake and spend time with her little boy.

    If Daska won the lottery she would PAAAARRRRTAAAYYY! And bake a cookie with “eternal health” properties! She loves to drink plenty of wine with the bread & olives to soak up the juice, so to speak 🙂

    If Daska would recommend a product for you, it would be the New Spring Metallic Ball Pen, supposedly to write all her baking recipes down.

    Her best attribute to her daily work routine is making sure everyone has the perfect cuppa!


  • Andy Bagot Account Manager

    Best product I have seen so far is the Black Sheep Cycling top. Also like the running shoe lights and bike saddle cover.

    I have lived and worked in Spain, France, Holland, Israel and New Zealand and previously sold holidays, foreign currency and chocolate gifts.

    I am a keen Triathlete and love donning the lycra at any opportunity. Favourite discipline is the run but I do enjoy the open water swimming during the warmer summer months. My biking skills need improving but I still managed to get around the velodrome in Manchester in one piece!  Best moment was meeting the Brownlee brothers at my first ever triathlon and seeing my kids achieve podium places in their triathlon events.

    Favourite food is probably Haggis, Neaps and Tatties (influence of Scottish in-laws) but very partial to a Balti and have a very sweet tooth. Like to try out new craft beers and every now and then enjoy a wee dram.

    If I were to win the lottery I would travel the world following major sporting events and buy a place in New Zealand to hide from the British winters.


  • Sarah Hawkins Office Administration

    Sarah loves a good full-bodied wine & a good strong cheese.

    Sarah’s free time is spent with family.

    If Sarah were to invent anything, it would be a “perfect world” although in her eyes, she lives in one anyway 🙂

    Sarah’s claim to fame was an interview at the Cheltenham gold cup to which she predicted a non-runner winning! If Sarah were to recommend a product for you, then it would be an umbrella, durable, long lasting and offers good protection from the elements.

    Sarah’s best attribute to her daily work routine is being the friendly voice at the end of the phone as she is often your first point of contact when you ring the office

    If there were a lottery win to come Sarah’s way, then she would scream and secure the copyrights to Daska’s eternal health cookie recipe!!

  • Jenny Cormack Sales Administrator

    Being such a newbie, Jenny doesn’t have a favourite product yet but we know it won’t take long before she does. When she’s not busy at work Jenny is a real social butterfly, with socialising with family and friends one of her favourite past times. She’s also a serious sun seeker and loves going on holiday, if she won the lottery a big family holiday is the first thing she’d buy (we’re with you on that one Jenny)!

    Jenny always has her nose to the grindstone and states working hard as one of her best qualities. With all the hard work she does it’s no wonder she said her favourite thing to do away from work is relax, a rest well earnt Jenny.

    Jenny is a real global girl, having lived in the Middle East for 2 years, and has a desire to invent world peace if she could invent anything. She’s also spent time mingling with the upper classes, having attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace and seeing her Majesty.

    For Jenny the perfect item she could recommend to anyone would be patience and understanding, something she has in spades.

    Her favourite food and drink are Chinese and red wine – the perfect saturday night as far as we’re concerned!

  • David Edwards Artwork

    David is a self confessed Geek, if he was to recommend you a product, it would be a notebook to ensure you keep track of your daily squiggles. Apart from Reading, hiking, table top gaming and music, David generally loves artwork and geek stuff.

    David loves to spend time with his girlfriend, dogs & Tim Smith (that’s his favorite music artist)

    David still collects music on CD’s to which he has in alphabetical order, just like his Pizza & Beer collection!

    If David were to invent something, it would be nerdy board game.

    If David was to win the lottery, he would start record label… were kind of thinking it would be called something like N E R D.

  • Kevin Production

    Kevin heads up the in –house production facility and loves to meet deadlines (he has no choice). If Kevin was to recommend the perfect product, it would be a stress ball, we wonder why?

    In Kevin’s spare time he likes to travel to London where he will most likely participate quenching his thirst drinking from the Chalice, laced with Stella Artois, if only this was a bottomless glass! Kevin has a passion for Super Bikes that would be his first item to purchase if he won the lottery – he would love to meet Guy Martin, superbike legend and present him with his very own printed hoodie!

  • Helen Chandler Accounts

    Helen obviously likes to number crunch! But she also loves a good hike, followed by a few too many drinks (thank god for the walking stick).

    This is probably why if Helen were to recommend you a product it would be a travel mug, so you can always drink coffee.

    Funnily enough Helen can operate a printer as well as keep the accounts in order – she can whistle & hum at the same time, so clearly good at multi tasking.

    If Helen had the opportunity to meet Gordon Ramsey she would recommend a Stress Burger! Quite funny that 🙂 She loves Italian food, and merlot wine and claims her mum used to be neighbours with David Bowie.

    If Helen won the lottery she would employ a chef who could cook and wash up whilst out Horse riding.